When children play with the sensory table they learn…

  • how to use tools
  • to solve problems
  • concepts of warm, cool, wet, damp and dry, heavy and light
  • how to play socially with others
  • to create systems for classifying, sorting, and arranging concepts of full and empty, shape and volume
  • fine-motor skills, and coordination

When children do cooking projects they learn…

  • about nutrition and food groups
  • how heat and cold changes things
  • whole-part relationships and concepts of volume and measurement early math skills
  • awareness of other/new foods

When children cut, glue and collage they learn…

  • to control the small muscles in their fingers and hand
  • concepts of shape, size and location and design
  • to exercise their imagination and creativity
  • about different textures
  • how to create patterns and designs
  • to distinguish patterns from background

When children use items in the science center they learn…

  • new vocabulary
  • concepts of texture, color, weight and size
  • to group objects into categories
  • to observe likeness and differences
  • to appreciate nature and develop a sense of wonder

When children play with blocks they learn…

  • concepts of size, length, and location
  • to count, sort and classify
  • to work together with others
  • to solve problems
  • fine motor skills
  • to understand size, weight, and number concepts
  • to recreate the world around them
  • to control and coordinate muscles
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